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Hidden darkness in Japan's major supermarkets Ito-Yokado and York-Benimaru

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Ito Yokado Hidden Japan's supermarkets darkness

Hidden darkness in Japan's major supermarkets Ito-Yokado and York-Benimaru


It's like York-Benimaru, a subsidiary of Ito-Yokado (York and Supermarket are named separately, but York-Benimaru is managed by one company). As for why we don't merge the names, the common speculation is that OK Mart cares.

If we merge the names, the actual sales will exceed 600 billion, and although I don't think so, if we move our headquarters to Kanagawa Prefecture, we will automatically be the top.

Furthermore, the supermarket around the 10th place is a round crush. If that happens, the parent company, Mitsubishi Corporation, will not be able to remain silent. York-Benimaru is a supermarket that has grown rapidly through a rotation of corporate acquisitions and mergers. Please search and find out here.
To put it another way, I don't think it can be helped if Kanagawa Prefecture becomes a fierce battlefield any more. The supermarket over there is mainly in Tohoku, and it is a supermarket that sells cheap fish. For me, I would like to do my best only in Tohoku and not advance to this side.

I think it is a good thing that the supermarkets are rooted and established in the local area in their own way.

This is my impression after reading a paid article by Teikoku Databank on the ranking of supermarkets based in Kanagawa Prefecture. The article is based on data taken from the data. As usual, I think that the customer satisfaction rate is high, but is it really so? I don't think they are that good of a company.

In fact, I have a five-digit number of followers all over Japan, and if I were to survey them with a gratuity, I would get more truthful results than some pay sites. At the same time, I can also find out the details of the unscrupulous supermarkets that are leaving power harassment unchecked throughout Japan.

I wonder in good conscience if we are asked by a company to write an article created by a major distribution site. In fact, quite a few of the stores here have actually closed. It is also a retribution for neglecting the abuse and power harassment among employees and the extreme decrease in customers. These serious social problems are more at the root than the aging of the building.

If I were the manager, I would do it because that is the first thing that needs to be fundamentally corrected. But the company here has neglected this problem for about 40 years.
It is not only the employee wage problem.

Also, in a New Year's article for paid members related to a certain distribution supermarket, there was an interview with the chairman of York-Benimaru.

Why doesn't such a large supermarket join the National Supermarket Association?
This is because of adult circumstances.

Even though it is a blog, I cannot write whatever I want. Even if there is a major company that has more than four digits of slander due to power harassment (some job sites are shockingly slanderous), we are not allowed to mention it.
This is because a third party will not see it as slanderous.

We want to write articles that evaluate the good aspects of the company as much as possible.


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