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Japanese Purple cauliflower and Violet Quinn Purple Cauliflower

スーパー三和 ららぽーと沼津 Purple cauliflower Violet Quinn Cauliflower Super Sanwa LaLaport
Japanese Purple cauliflower and Violet Quinn Purple Cauliflower

Purple cauliflower is grown in Tokushima Prefecture and is in season as of January 8, 2022, at the Super Sanwa LaLaport Numazu store where I usually go shopping. I was able to purchase a bunch for 198 yen. It's a big bunch, so it's a very good deal.
The color is a pale purple with an impressionistic pastel hue. It gives off a unique Monet or Manet vibe. I am thrilled to be able to taste it only once a year in this season.


The author, Nanai, immediately purchased it.
I took it home and waited for the night to photograph it.
This was the best time to take pictures because it is difficult to take good pictures unless you are creative with the lighting.
I hope you can feel the excitement of the book.
The color of this one differs depending on how you boil it.

If you boil them in normal water, the color changes to blue. If you boil them in normal water, they turn blue, the blue of the tricolor French flag.
If you cook them in the microwave, they remain purple.
Which one do you prefer?


Characteristics of Purple Cauliflower

Violet Quinn Purple Cauliflower

Purple cauliflower is a general term for cauliflower with purple flower buds. The purple color is due to anthocyanin, which not only adds color to the dish but also has nutritional benefits. However, some purple cauliflowers lose their color when boiled, and the texture and flavor vary depending on the variety.


Violet Quin was registered as a variety by Takii Seeds in 1984. The flower buds are dark purple and the stem is green. When you boil it, the purple color flows out and it turns green like broccoli. The texture is also similar to broccoli, so it is important to take this characteristic into account when cooking.


Purple flowers, on the other hand, are entirely purple and remain purple even when cooked. The texture is the same as regular cauliflower. If you want a reddish-purple color, use vinegar, as described in the How to Eat section below.
How to Choose (and Identify) Purple Cauliflower

Violet Quinn


Violet cauliflower should have a bright purple color, no blemishes or dark spots on the surface, and a fresh cut edge. The buds should be tight and heavy to the touch.



スーパー三和 ららぽーと沼津店 のクチコミ 作成者: Reli Leli

スーパー三和 ららぽーと沼津店 のクチコミ 作成者: ナナイミゲル

スーパー三和 ららぽーと沼津店 のクチコミ 作成者: さんたサンタ

スーパー三和 ららぽーと沼津店

🏠 〒410-0302 静岡県沼津市東椎路東荒301-3
☎ 055-957-3000



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